Reports - An important feature

5/9/2018 reports charts graphs analytics data decision

Pontus HMS provides a comprehensive understanding of the performance of hotel activity with the help of charts and graphs. These form of reports include reservation, booking, analytics and revenue-related reports.

Pontus present a summary of all important data in the form of user-friendly charts and graphs directly visible on the dashboard. These presentations give you the basic statistics about how your hotel is doing until this moment. Taking the booking source in account, the system easily gives you an immediate statistic for arrivals & departures, today's checked in and checked out. These reports consolidate your occupancy levels and last month revenues. You can see it below:


Also in the system is a report section where you can find, filter regarding room type and date, and download those reports in .xls format.


Whatever you choose, you always can count to reports to control present management of your hotel and take future actions for its improvement.