Booking in Pontus HMS

5/9/2018 demo bookings checkin checkout

The booking process is not only easy on the eyes but it is simple to navigate with its simplistic design and clean presentation.

Pontus HMS provide two ways to make the Check In and Check Out processes:

1. Direct way
2. Normal way

Direct way – When someone comes directly to your hotel without reservation, this can be the fastest way for you to check in a client.
Normal way – You have to enter the system and go to Confirmed Reservations to make a Check In and to make a Check Out you have to go to the Checked In bookings list.

Check In process

Go to Reservation -> Confirmed list. There you should look for the reservation made from your client by searching at the box in top-right of the page or through paging, and then proceed with Check In button that we have mentioned before. 
You will see a similar page as below:

resItemAlso there is a create button for another reservation item. This means that you will be able to book any number of rooms, multiple room types with only one booking. Then you may do check in for every single reservation item.

After this process you can check current details for the reservation and make changes if you want by clicking the Edit orange button in the right or the Delete button to delete the current item. If everything is okay, then click the Continue To check In button and in the page showed after that, you will confirm the room and the visitor’s information and then click Add button at the top so you can finally Check In the visitor to your hotel:


Now we have checked in the client and his booking’s information appears in the Bookings-> 
Checked In bookings list. There are also some action buttons in this page as below:

buttonsThe Persons button will show you, in a popup window, the list of the persons included in the current booking. Next, you have the Expense button where you can check all the expenses the client has already 
made during the booking, including rooms and services, and you can also add new ones by clicking the Create button at the top of the popup window.

Check Out process

The last action button in Checked In booking list is the Check Out button. This button will check out the client and pass his booking from the Checked In list to Checked Out list, which you can also find in Bookings-> Checked Out. Keep in mind that after confirming the Check Out, you don’t have the possibility to return the booking to Check In list, the only way is to create a new Booking. Actions in this list are the same as in the Checked In list, you have the Persons and Expense buttons, where you can view details about that booking.