Take control of your hotel.

Amazing Features

Friendly Management System Online

Pontus HMS is a no compromise, web-based system

Everything in One Place

Pontus HMS assists with managing & taking full control over crucial daily operations.

Reports & Analytics

Forcast future metrics and analyze past data.

Revenue Management

Analyze of your performance with monetary value

Latest Blogs

Keep in touch with latest news on how to better manage your hotel.

Booking in Pontus HMS


The booking process is not only easy on the eyes but it is simple to navigate with its simplistic design and clean presentation.

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Reports - An important feature


Pontus HMS provides a comprehensive understanding of the performance of hotel activity with the help of charts and graphs. These form of reports include reservation, booking, analytics and revenue-related reports.

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Why your hotel needs hotel management software?


Before selecting hotel management system for your hotel, you should consider the many benefits that this system will offer you, including:

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About Us

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Pontus HMS was born and grown in the heart of Tirana, in Albania from talented group of Pragmatic Software. Our mission is to make all your data available and easy to manage, no matter where our business operates or how many listings you have. With Pontus HMS you can centralize and automate your daily activities. The software solves two main problems: it makes reception tasks easier and less error prone, and it empowers the managers with data analytics and control over day to day processes and long-term strategies. All functionality is available online in both desktop and mobile browsers.

What You Can Expect From Pontus HMS:

  • A partner who understands how to help you boost productivity.
  • A partner who appreciates the power of the Internet and provides tools to capture more revenue and maximize Internet sales opportunities by up-selling to your guest at time of online room booking.
  • A partner who shares in your vision for increased revenue.

Contact Us

Address: Rr. Tish Dahia, Kompleksi Kika 2, Sh. 6, H. 3D, Tirane
Tel: +355 4 452 1686
Email: info@pontushms.com